Existential Hymns

Works by Tyler Burba

ADam Lakes

Since 1999, Tyler Burba and Adam Lakes have collaborated in song-writing, album-making, and live performance. Adam Lakes Band performs in and around the New York city area and has a forth-coming album.  Along with Lakes and Burba, the band features Jim Despas on Bass and Bill Wolf on drums.

Reed Bye

Reed Bye and Tyler Burba began collaborating in 2000 and have completed two studio albums of Reed's songs as well as performed live in Colorado venues.

Reed Bye is a poet and professor, teaching at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

Akilah Oliver

The late great poet Akilah Oliver was a force in the poetry world, causing it to open up its boundaries around issues of gender, race, grieving, and performance.


Akilah and Tyler began collaborating in 2004 after the unjust death of her son Oluchi McDonald, creating "Hold The Space: An Arriving Guard of Angels, Thusly Coming to Greet," a performace, recording and chapbook.

They continued bridging poetry and music in performance for the next ten years until Akilah's untimely passing in 2011.