Existential Hymns

Works by Tyler Burba

Tyler Burba performing at St. Mark's Church on the Bowery, New Years' Day Poetry Marathon, 2012.

Tyler Burba got his start in music by singing at gospel competitions and performing on local Christian radio programs in the Pacific Northwest. During these early years, he also taught himself how to play piano and guitar after becoming interested in rock n roll artists like Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and Bob Dylan. He has since written, recorded, and performed in a number of genres, including; classical, jazz, blues, rock n roll, Latin, country, experimental/avant-garde and spoken word. With his solo project, Visit, he has released two albums of existential country music. 




This is perhaps the most subversive album this reviewer has come across for some time. Visit is essentially a vehicle for Tyler Burba, a veritable renaissance man who studied under Alan Ginsberg, who paints and writes poetry and teaches disadvantaged kids. In addition, as evidenced here, he has some terrific country chops and this album is chock full of excellent songs that sound as if they could be by Johnny Cash in his gospel period with pedal steel and banjos galore.
— Paul Kerr, www.americana-uk.com